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Post by Beyonder on Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:36 pm

Calculation: Calcs are the use of mathematical and or scientific determination of the size or number of an object,person, and or output of a force these are by all means estimates.


1. All Approved Calculations will go through a Approval system by selected Battle Moderators and or Community votes and will be posted on the profiles of characters under (Calc) style format along in the Calculations page.

2. If you want to Debunk someone else's Calculations go make a post in this board titled as "[Debunk] or [Debunking] "Username" Calculations. (Be respectful and be friendly make sure you debunk all calculation points.)
Ex: [Debunking] Draxterrus Goku Speed Calculation or [Debunk] Beyonder Superman Strength Calculation

3. Destructive Outputs should be based on the concept of Joules.

4. Speed feats should be based on Length,Distance, and Time.

5. Size feats should be obvious......

6. Plagiarism of existing calculations on another site will not be tolerated and is 100% prohibited you will be warned and thread deleted.

7. Wanking/Bias/Fanboying will not be tolerated this is for PURE logical+factual estimates!

Approval Process

Method One: All Battle Moderators with the title "Calculation Moderator" should be TAGGED and or PMed for the thread to be approved! if the majority ratio of the calc mods agree with your thread then you will be notified about the approval via the thread with the image of "Approved" for the character,weapon, and or other such things you done Calc for with the title "Calculation Moderators Approval: [Insert Character Name and Calc Category].
Ex: Calculation Moderators Approval: Goku Speed Calculation.

Method Two: Community voting by creating a thread titled "Community Calculation Voting [Insert Character Name and Calc Category] Calculation." you must have 50 or above "Agree" on your poll for it to be accepted.
Ex: Community Calculation Voting for Goku Speed Calculation.


Calcs are Pseudo-science (fan-made concept) and so allowing them in a debate will nullify the "Pseudo-science" concept and allowing them to be used at anytime by any user.

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