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Post by Beyonder on Mon Dec 09, 2019 7:45 am

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Character Creation:

Doctor Manhattan, often shortened to Dr. Manhattan, is a fictional character who appears in comics published by DC Comics. He debuted in the graphic novel limited series Watchmen, published in 1986 and 1987. Doctor Manhattan was created by writer Alan Moore with artist Dave Gibbons.

The Watchmen series has been noted for addressing metaphysical issues and questions, Doctor Manhattan being the primary exponent. He is often used as an example of a post-human god. Reception towards the character is positive and he has appeared and has been mentioned in various forms of media. Doctor Manhattan later appeared in the Before Watchmen comic book prequel, with his own individual issue miniseries.

In 2016, as part of DC Comics' Rebirth campaign, Manhattan became a major antagonist: a factor that removed 10 years of history from DC characters following the Flashpoint event, creating The New 52 timeline in the process. His status as the major antagonist is confirmed by Geoff Johns in July 2017. Manhattan was later confirmed as a major character in Doomsday Clock. (by Wikipedia for quick knowledge only)


In 1959, in an accident that was certainly unplanned and just as certainly unrepeatable, a young American man was completely disintegrated, at least in a physical sense. Despite the absence of a body, a form of electromagnetic pattern resembling consciousness survived, and was able, in time, to rebuild an approximation of the body it had lost.


This respect thread is going to be a collaboration of both his Watchman/DC Multiverse appearances and it will help debunk the "Featless" Doctor Manhattan for those so ignorant of his power and character purpose so enjoy this Dr.Manhattan Respect Thread!


Powers And Abilities

Dr.Manhattan Powers Consist of Reality, Time, Space, Matter, and Energy, Quantum  Manipulation these scales up to Universal to even Multiversal levels of power and to be more specific to help understand this being's tremendous power.

Size Manipulation, Near-Invulnerability, Cosmic Strength, Complete control/awareness of atomic/subatomic particles, Omnipresence (Simultaneously exist in all places at once and he has shown to do this in past, present, and future time eras), Immortality: Can reconstruct himself on a molecular level, doesn't need to sleep,eat,drink, and or breath, and he is ageless and has immunity to diseases and exist as long as all things exist,Omnikinetic (All Kinetic Abilities, All Manipulation Powers, All Telekinetic Powers and Telekinesis based powers), Teleportation, Flight, Can see the past, present, and future simultaneously, Phasing, transmutation, cloning (of himself), disintegration, force field creation, can create life, and can reverse death, reality-warping  of such high levels he warped reality in the DC Universe and re-created the metaverse, and then has such time manipulation powers that he straight up erase/stole the last 10 years of the DC Universe creating the New 52 himself.

Doctor Manhattan is so powerful that even Mister Mxyzptlk himself acknowledges and is aware that Jonathan Osterman aka Dr.Manhattan is more powerful than him, which is also shown when Doctor Manhattan himself killed the godlike Pandora (aka also known as Lilith) with a single hit, where Pandora alternate versions could one-shot the Multiverse if they wanted to.

Offensive Feats:

Blows the Head off a Thug

Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread 0dlcnr11
Casually Kills a normal human just by blowing up their head! using some unknown combustion power.

Uses his Size Alternating Power to make Vietnam Soldiers Submit

Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Z17hyn10
Uses his godlike power to make him a giant to scare of the vietnamese soldiers.

Dr.Manhattan Kills Rorschach

Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Ihyh8d10
Doctor Manhattan's most infamous feat was killing Rorschach with a single one-shot of his god-like power.

Defensive Feats:

Recreates his Body on a Sub-Atomic Level Three Times

Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread H9wnre10
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Eczp4u10
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Fr7zs810
Dr.Manhattan proving his regenerative powers as he reforms himself from nothing the first time since he was physically destroyed.
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Vk46zr10
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Hjiwxy10
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Strghy10
What is an Intrinsic field subtractor? It's a man-build machine that utilizes radiation to remove the "intrinsic" fields from/around solid objects and usually speaking the object subjected to the machine's process is completely disintegrated on an atomic level leaving nothing behind but dust and mist, this same machine was used on Doctor Manhattan by Veidt aka Ozymandias to try to kill Doctor Manhattan and it failed to show that he can die but to show that he repair/regenerate himself no matter the damage.
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Cp_vs_10
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Cp_vs_11
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Cp_vs_12
Captain Atom a superhero who uses powers from the Quantum energy force itself which was used to have destroyed the physical form of Doctor Manhattan and yet again within seconds Dr.Manhattan just reconstructs his physical body as if the damage never even happened to him.

Shield Generation

Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Xrdjhe10
Can make himself his own protect generated shield to protect himself or others from harm.

Other Known Feats:

Doctor Manhattan Kills Pandora

Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread 73767810
Pandora (Aka Lilith) herself was damning Doctor Manhattan for his interference and making her that way and as she was preaching about superheroes going to stop him and that justice and goodwill prevail and so to that, he erased her from existence as if the conversation never took place this attack is also what he did to Rorschach as he erased him on an sub-atomic level.

Note: Pandora is stated/implied/shown to be a more Multiversal threat than what most would see as she tanked blows from the Near-Omnipotent Spectre himself.

Doctor Manhattan stated to be Stronger than Mr.Mxyzptlk himself

Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread 0010
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread 1110
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread 1111

Note: People will argue about "Feats" but forget Mr.Mxyzptlk himself can't do anything against a being of higher dimensionality than he is so even if Mr.Mxy can destroy a multiverse it won't highly do nothing to someone who is 10-Dimensional against his 5-Dimensional power.

Matter Manipulation Power

Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Nivef010
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread N4zzfa10
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Yyltuo10
Doctor Manhattan matter manipulation is so experienced that he was capable of creating an entire fortress from nothing but sand from mars itself!
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Jykfda10
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Ofq09d10
just by using matter around him was he capable of making water or milk itself from material that doesn't have such substance or material! turning sand into milk or water!

Space Manipulation

Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Cf5spj10
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Xbvhfa10
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Xa4ao110
Just using the power to manipulate space around a physical being was he able to let Laurie breath out in Outerspace.

Dr.Manhattan disassembles a Gun

Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Zeowmp10
Doctor Manhattan on an atomic level disassembles a normal gun just by lifting his hand.

Size Manipulation

Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Kt6jd010
Doctor Manhattan by reconstructing his atoms can make himself any size he whims.

Phasing Powers

Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Ddszoh10
Duplication Powers

Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Yw1drf10
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Xesphs10


Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread P8v5ua10
Using his telekinesis Doctor Manhattan lifts his entire fortress from the grounds on mars itself.
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Htmqf310
Simanuously Existing in Multiple Locations Without Moving
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread 18cpmv10
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Ar8urf10

Magic Manipulation/Immunity

Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread 65b99210
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread A2hthf10
Doctor Manhattan when facing off against the heroes of earth he displays he can adapt as none of the magic used on him did anything, and then in fact learned of the material or substance or material of what the magic is and was and used it against them displaying he is immune and can now manipulate magic on a small scale.

Reality Warping+Metaverse Recreation

Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Rco02112
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Rco02211
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Rco02311
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Rco02511
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Rco02611
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Rco02811

Doctor Manhattan on-panel destroyed and recreated the universe which in affect he receated the Metaverse...the fundamentals of everything from timelines to realities (universes) and all things to do with shifting and making the Multiverse itself.


The only real weakness of Dr.Manhattan is Tachyon which disrupts his vision of seeing through time as it was explained here:
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread Xcczp10
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread X9dwi10

Debunking Misinformation:

Doctor Manhattan is the quantum observer at the center of infinite realities where there is an infinite amount of possibilities and he can choose the one he wants which better suits him, so he bends and warps reality and probabilities/possibilities to his very will his own whim, It's almost impossible to beat him since out of infinite possible outcomes in a battle he can choose the one where he wins and make it the main reality indefinitely and even if by chance you manage to defeat him once he can just choose one or ones where he wins.

So yes he doesn't create universes out of pure raw energy or magic like world forger or Perpetua, he does it in a different way. Since he's the quantum being when he makes an action or decision infinite possible realities are created and he can see all of the past, present, and future outcomes, So since his decisions does that let's say he decides to throw a punch or an energy blast then in that instant infinite possibilities are created and some will be where the punch never connected and some will be where he threw the punch or energy blast and it connected so he can take that one and make it the main reality on a whim.

Now you are wondering how do I and others know this?.... He explained it himself.....
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread 2019-110

This is also explained in the main DC Comic Multiverse that quantum reality is a factor to these universes.....
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread 010

then again Dr.Manhattan admits he recreated the said Metaverse to his liking.....yes he "recreated" not changed it:
Doctor Manhattan Respect Thread 00010

So no to those making false claims of Dr.Manhattan being a "Time Traveler" or just that he is "Changing Time" but in actuality, he is creating whole new universes which bend to his very whim....and he exists in them all and has the to destroy them if he surely wishes to.



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