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Post by Beyonder on Thu Nov 20, 2014 8:47 am

Debating Rules

Debating: Debating is about being civil and factual If you make a claim prove it because you are now under the Burden of Proof fallacy and if you can't prove your claim and you know you can't then concede your claim and leave it alone, don't dodge or deflect basic questions when asked just answer it and if you aint got the answers then just say the Author/Company never made it clear, Don't derail a thread with nonsense be it over memes or not this is a forum, not a Facebook post, by now it should be known we promote being both civil,honest, and clean discussions we don't want to bring the toxic hostility or negativity to others because its useless and pointless, and to include making speculations and just using your own headcanon is not a fact it's an opinion by default and wont be taken seriously here.

1. Omnipotent Battles: There is no need to involve a True Omnipotent being within a debate this means there is no inclusion of Pre-Retcon Beyonder, The-One-Above-All, The Presence, and Mother of Existence and this also applies to those who wield just Omnipotence is a grey area of things being allowed such as Cosmic Cubes and Michael Demiurgos, and All threads relating to them will be an automatic Lock and Archive because there is no real discussion between a being who can do whatever they want to someone who cant do whatever they want.

2. Joke Battles: These aren't allowed we here want serious discussions that will educate people on characters and or the series they come from so if you want to make silly (or cringy) debates post them in the General Discussion category of the forum.

3. Powerscaling: Powerscaling/Scaling is not a Universally accepted debating concept which means you must make it known that Powerscaling is allowed for the debate.

4. Calculations Like the 3rd rule above it's openly known here that Calcs aren't 100% a general concept and should be made clear and known if its allowed to be used.

5. Insulting/Harassing: This shouldnt be told but if a user is shown to attack another user for whatever reason will be a concession accepted between the insulter and the person they are arguing with and if the thread gets out of line into uncivil levels the post is locked and automatically archived with no hopes of retrieving it unless another battle is posted.

6. Bias: Prejudice is in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair which means if you have dislike against a character/user for a dumb reason like not liking them then it's biased by default.

7. Feats Vs Statements: If you are debating with a visual novel or just a novel based character and state all statements from the visual novels is both a fact/feat then all statements from a comic  book,anime, and video game series are as valid and denying otherwise is useless and pointless and will lead to a "Concession Accepted", we don't do bias here!

8. Baiting/Spamming: If your VS Battles are a bait against another user then it's a warning/lock, and if you spam the same character more than three times for a debate it will be locked/archived and you will be asked not to post about the said character for a day.

What's an example of a Spam? Goku Vs Superman next you post Composite Goku Vs Flash and then next you post SSBSS Goku Vs Galactus these are considered spam because it's not really different and if it's not an hour apart it's considered spam.

9. Fanfiction: If a series is not officially published under a legitimate license/company (Like Disney, Marvel, DC, Toei and etc) then we are sorry it's not an official work of fiction and will be seen as a this means nothing like the horrible series known as Suggsverse is allowed to be used.

10. Spite Matches: Purposely posting spite/one-shot debates is prohibited meaning "Mr.Mxy Vs Dragon Ballverse" is not allowed for obvious reasons!

User Vs User Rules

1st Rule: Both Users must AGREE to a User Vs User Debate! ONE PARTY SHOULD NOT FORCE ANOTHER PARTY TO ATTEND ON THIS WEBSITE! (Self-Hosting or not it's allowed for any 1v1)

2nd Rule: Both must be respectful and friendly during the debate! there shouldn't be any hostility between them!

3rd Rule: Both must choose the characters they wish to debate! One User can't force pick a character! (Unless it's allowed by the said opponent).

4th Rule: Judges may be allowed if both users agree upon it ONLY! Judges aren't AUTOMATIC HERE! so pick and choose unbias users!

5th Rule: Users may set up time durations which means if a User doesn't reply in a set day limit they forfeit and concede.

6th Rule: Requesting help from outside sources is prohibited! if you don't know the series and the characters and etc then don't debate for them!


Members will only receive just 3 Warnings from the Administrators and Battle Moderators, and if the warnings aren't acknowledged then you will be banned automatically from the website and no in the battle boards warnings here will not be revoked and you will be out of the battle board forever until you apologize and know how and why you were banned.

Note: If a member tries to act like a tough guy they will be handled like a tough guy aka if you act like a child you will be handled like a child all members deserve mutual and civil respect.

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